A Few of Our Favorite Shops...

Old Town Albuquerque

Nikki Zabicki's

If you are in old town you should definitely stop in and visit Nikki Zabicki's New Mexican Made Boutique and Gallery. It is a daring little pop shop nestled in the historic Old Town Plaza, home to 150 unique shops! Look for her in the Patio Market, a quaint little shopping courtyard off the southeast corner of the plaza near the oldest well in Albuquerque.

Nikki is there most days of the week; she has her beautiful paintings on display and fills the shop with work from over 30 local artists, including me! She usually has a display of my trivets and (of course) an assortment of my little clay hen ornaments!

Los Ranchos Albuquerque

Celina's Biscochitos

You won't be able to leave this store with out something yummy, and you'll probably want to get some for your family, too! Celina makes the best authentic biscochitos around (from her grandmother's recipe) and she runs a well greased cookie machine. Her 13 or so employees are making dozens of dozens of cookies every day and they ship all over the country.

If you are in Los Ranchos looking for something yummy, this is where you'll want to be. Celina also has a small selection of local goods and crafts including my seasonal ornaments as well as trivets and my coaster gift sets. Every time we deliver ornaments we also can't leave with out something yummy, the original biscochitos in the 3 dozen package is our fav!

De Vargas Center Santa Fe

Indigo Baby

Indigo Baby in Santa Fe is the place to get the best practical and stylish needs for your baby, baby shower gifts, and toys! While this adorable boutique is known for helping mothers and grandparents find trending baby toys and necessities, Katie keeps a great selection of unique hand made toys, local art, and locally authored children's books in stock.

I have been working with Katie and Indigo Baby since before I ever made my ceramic ornaments, she used to sell my crocheted dolls, back in the day. She now offers my ornaments, mini mobiles, and our nightlights in her shop. Find Indigo Baby in the De Vargas Shopping Center in Santa Fe off on N. Guadalupe St. on Paseo De Peralta

EDo Albuquerque

Squiddly Store

This is one tiny and very very special boutiques that you will thank yourself to step into. Jennifer of Squiddly Designs shares her own art and has curated a collection of the neatest sweetest gifts featuring several local NM artists (including Little Clay Hen) she also carries awesome gifts from small family businesses around the country. Jennifer offer's my little clay hen seasonal ornaments as well as my coaster gist sets and mobiles!

If you find yourself in EDo, known for being the most walk-able live-work-play neighborhood in Albuquerque, cruise over to Squiddly's and check it out, it is a unique and treasured small shopping experience to strive for!

University Area Albuquerque


Yes, it's a hippie store! And boy do they have a history in Albuquerque that goes way way back! Jay and Paula originally opened Birdland on Central in Knob Hill in 1994 and have enlightened and provisioned generations of young flower children and long hairs while perpetually enabling the youthful spirit of the original hippies. ;)

We have been part of Birdland in more ways than one, as shoppers and contributing artists in glass, crochet, and now ceramics since the late 90's and we are so happy to be in the Birdland family. They currently carry a funky line of our own "hippie" styled ornaments throughout the year. Say hi for us when you visit!

NEW LOCATION: 144 Harvard Dr. SE. 505-228-5725
Concert and Cannabis Tees, Contemporary Clothing, Tie Dyes, Tapestries, Incense.