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Cessna Airplane Ornament

Cessna Airplane Ornament

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Fly into the holiday season with our Cessna Airplane Ornament! Handcrafted from local clay, this ornament will add a unique touch to your tree. A must-have for aviation enthusiasts and anyone looking for a playful addition to their holiday decor.

Unique with a warm natural feeling, and glazed brightly; each of our ornaments is one of a kind and shows small variations and blemishes which emphasize the beauty and honesty of our handmade quality.

Using natural clay from the American Southwest and a pinch of the sparkling mineral mica (for subtle beauty and strength), every ornament is created in our home  studio where we design, print, and paint each by hand. Using a graphic ceramic concept, our images are modern in approach and timeless in charm and are just plain fun to collect. They make thoughtful gifts for love ones, family, co-workers, and teachers, and are wonderful little add-ons when paired with larger gifts.

Our ornaments are sure to add to the sentiment of your holidays.. but its okay if you decide to keep them out and on display year round, we do!

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